Alannah Ross Art

Alannah Ross Art

Sentinel started out as a small independent comic project which has been put on hiatus while Down to the Wire is being worked on. The original comic can now be read for free here. (Physical copies may still be purchased while supplies last, and can be requested through email if interested.)

The comic followed the role of the main character, Lydia, a brave but inexperienced guard, as she leaves behind the comforts of her old life to find allies that will help her battle an ancient monster that is preparing to return to their world. Lydia and her companions must complete their destinies of becoming the mighty warriors that will protect the people, and unlock powers most of them never knew they had.  

The Future of Sentinel

“I still have a soft spot for the series, and I would like to think I will return to it one day, maybe even re-imagine it. So if you really enjoyed the story I wouldn’t give up hope on it yet!”