Alannah Ross Art

Alannah Ross Art

Down to the Wire is a comic series in the works, set on a planet that has finally taken back what belongs to it. Forests rule over once thriving metropolises, and now all that's left of civilization are a few self-contained cities fighting off the overgrowth. The largest is Omega. The city itself is decrepit though, and it's people more so. It's no surprise, then, that an organization would rise up to bring peace, too bad their idea of peace is to completely enslave the body and mind.

Now, by pure chance, a failing detective and a mysterious woman are probably the only ones able to stop this. Can they do it? Or more importantly, should they? Because in a world with such a grey morality, it's hard to tell who's on the right side.

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"I really want to have this series up and available for people to see, that's why I'm working my hardest to have it ready within a reasonable time. However I want a good balance between art and story, so this project requires a lot of attention. I'll give updates regarding the project on Instagram, etc... so you can keep up to date. Lastly I'm so grateful for your patience as I work on DTTW, and I can't wait to show this world to others."